pregnant patient visit dentist

When you are considering pregnancy, a prenatal dental checkup in Los Angeles is an excellent plan. You already know how important it is to visit your obstetrician every few weeks to ensure that your baby is healthy when it is born, but you also need to take proper care of your teeth and gums while you are pregnant. Many women experience dental health issues during pregnancy, but a Reseda dentist can find problems such as gum disease and cavities at the earliest stages. 

Prevent Cavities and Gingivitis During Your Pregnancy 

There is scientific research that a pregnant woman's dental health will affect the dental health of her child in the future, but at a prenatal dentist Los Angeles dental office, she can have a thorough examination to determine if she needs fillings or gingivitis treatment. When you learn that you are pregnant, you can schedule an appointment with your dentist right away to have a cleaning to remove the plaque from your teeth. Plaque contains bacteria, and by having these pathogens removed, the bacteria won't enter your bloodstream to contaminate the infant. 

It Is Safe To Have Dental Examinations With X-rays 

If a Tarzana dentist notices a problem with your gums or teeth, then she can take X-rays after covering your abdomen with a protective device. Many women have dental problems caused by their rapid hormonal changes during their pregnancies. Pregnancy gingivitis is a normal problem throughout pregnancy due to the additional hormones in the body, and this can lead to tender, swollen and bleeding gums. Fortunately, a dentist can determine if the symptoms in the gums is caused by pregnancy gingivitis or regular gingivitis. 

Have Emergency Dental Problems Treated Right Away 

Additional problems such as a dental root infection can also occur during pregnancy, and while treating these problems during the pregnancy requires special care, a prenatal dentist Los Angeles expert has the equipment and materials required to repair these problems without harming the infant. If you need regular dental procedures performed, then obstetricians recommend that dentists work on a woman's teeth during her second trimester. 

Pregnancy Hormones Will Affect Your Teeth and Gums 

While pregnancy doesn't directly affect a woman's teeth, the hormones in the body will change the saliva in the mouth, making plaque development more common. In addition, some women have problems with their teeth shifting or becoming loose in the gum tissue. These problems do require remediation by a Reseda dentist, and it is also possible for a pregnant woman to begin wearing clear removable aligners or dental braces to keep her teeth in the best positions. 

A Tarzana Dentist Can Talk To Your Obstetrician About Sedation or Anesthetics 

Pregnant women are often concerned about the anesthesia required for some types of dental procedures, but when a woman is visiting her Tarzana dentist twice a year for examinations, she will rarely have a major dental problem that requires sedation dentistry or anesthetics. If you do need dental surgery during your pregnancy, then your dentist can confer with your obstetrician to find the best type of sedation medications for your situation. 

Learn More About Dental Hygiene During Your Pregnancy 

With a prenatal dental checkup in Los Angeles, your dentist can explain the importance of daily dental hygiene to prevent cavities or gum disease. If your teeth and gums become sensitive while you are pregnant, then you can switch to toothpaste that is formulated without mint or hot flavors. In addition, you might need to use a milder mouthwash that doesn't irritate your gums or dental roots. To prevent the formation of dental plaque, you can use an oral irrigator that blasts away debris with highly pressurized water. 

Discuss the Importance Of Your Diet While You Are Pregnant 

A dentist can provide advice about your daily diet while you are pregnant, including eating nutritious fruits and vegetables. If your teeth are strong and your gums are healthy, then you can consume lean meats, whole grains and dairy products without any discomfort. Eating a balanced diet will keep your teeth and gums healthy, but the nutrients in foods will also ensure that your baby has excellent oral health as an adult.