Missing Teeth Treatment Tarzana

A missing tooth may seem like a nuisance more than a problem, but if you decide not to get it replaced, you can experience additional problems and expenses to protect your dental health. Understanding why it’s more expensive not to replace a missing tooth can help you ensure that you do what’s best to take care of your dental health.

What happens when a missing tooth is not replaced?

Many people think that it’s no big deal if a tooth is not replaced. But when a tooth is missing, there are things that happen to the surrounding teeth that can have serious, long-term effects. 

The teeth remaining on either side of the gap start to move to close the gap. Since the missing tooth is not there to hold the other teeth in place, they will begin to move. This can keep you from being able to chew properly since your teeth won’t align like they’re supposed to. 

If the tooth is lost due to decay, the teeth on either side of the gap may be at risk for decay, as well. This can lead to further lost teeth and compounded problems. Any time a tooth is lost due to decay, other teeth are at higher risk of damage due to decay. 

Why is it more expensive if a missing tooth is not replaced?

The reason it’s more expensive if a missing tooth is not replaced is because of the additional damage to the mouth and teeth that can happen. Teeth move and additional teeth may begin to decay. When that happens, not only does the original tooth need to be replaced but additional dental work is required to fix damage that has occurred. This is more complicated than simply replacing a missing tooth, which accounts for an increased cost. In addition, he increased complexity of the processes puts you at risk for more complications, which would also increase the cost of the dental work. 

How is a missing tooth replaced?

A missing tooth is typically replaced with the help of tarzana dental implants. The implant is placed in the jaw. Once it’s clear the tarzana dental implants are in place properly, crowns are put in place to replace the missing teeth

However, this is not the only way to replace a missing tooth. Instead of using tarzana dental implants, some specialists will use a bridge to replace the missing tooth. The method used depends on your needs and the recommendations of the dental implants provider near me. 

If you have a missing tooth, don’t wait to get it replaced. You can spend time searching by typing “best dental implants near me” and hope you find the right dentist, or you can visit Victory Cosmetic Dentistry and know that you’ll be in the best hands. 

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