When your tooth has become decayed to the point where it no longer functions like it's supposed to and has a different appearance than the rest of your teeth, you may want to consider a type of dental treatment known as dental fillings Los Angeles. The dental fillings that we offer are mercury free fillings Los Angeles, which means that you can be confident that traces of mercury won't get into your system. When you're considering these fillings, you may want to be aware of what they are and the benefits you can receive from this type of filling. 

What Are Dental Fillings Los Angeles? 

Dental fillings Los Angeles are materials that are positioned within a tooth to replace the material that has decayed. The size of the filling that you are provided with depends on how much of the tooth has become decayed. Before the filling is placed in the tooth, the area is first cleaned to ensure that the bacteria that played a part in the decay of the tooth are no longer there. The cleaned out area or cavity is then filled with a dental filling, of which there are a variety of different types to select from. This type of filling will seal any of the cracks that had formed in your teeth, which helps to keep bacteria away and prevent additional decay. Your dentist will be able to detect whether or not you have a cavity that needs to be filled. 

What Are Mercury Free Fillings Los Angeles? 

Here at Victory Cosmetic Dentistry, we focus on using mercury free fillings Los Angeles so as to ensure that none of these harmful materials ever get into your system. Prolonged exposure to mercury can cause a range of problematic side effects and symptoms, which is something that we don't want you to have to deal with. Mercury free fillings Los Angeles have also proven to be unappealing in regards to their aesthetics, which is why you may want to consider the various additional fillings that are at your disposal. Whether you select fillings that are comprised of gold or plastic, all other options are healthier than mercury free fillings Los Angeles. 

Types of Dental Fillings You Can Select From 

The main types of dental fillings that are available to you include composite fillings, gold fillings, and ceramic fillings. Ceramic fillings consist of porcelain and are usually referred to as inlays. They are bonded to your tooth after being made in a lab and can be crafted to match the exact color of your tooth. These fillings will cover the majority of the tooth and have the added benefit of resisting staining. 

Gold fillings can add a certain style to your teeth and are designed to be cemented into place on your tooth. These fillings are very well tolerated by the tissues of your gums, which means that they can last a long time. Composite fillings are made primarily from plastic and are made to look like the color of your teeth so that they blend well. The ingredients of these fillings are first mixed together and then placed into your tooth while softened. The filling will then harden and can last anywhere from 5-10 years. 

Benefits of Dental Fillings Los Angeles 

Each type of dental filling has its own set of benefits and advantages. As a whole, these dental fillings provide you with a way to fix a decayed or chipped tooth without needing to replace the entire tooth. In regards to the specific types of dental fillings, both composite fillings and porcelain feelings are beneficial for being able to match the color of your tooth for a natural appearance. Porcelain fillings are very effective at resisting any long-term staining. Gold fillings are considered to be fantastic for their durability and how well they are accepted by gum tissues. 

Where You Should Go For Dental Fillings Los Angeles 

When you are seeking dental fillings in Los Angeles, call our offices here at Victory Cosmetic Dentistry so that we can schedule your initial consultation and identify which treatments are right for you. We look forward to having you as our patient.