patient asking question from dentist

Oral care is essential for maintaining a healthy body, and yet, some people avoid going to the dentist for a variety of reasons. Building up a trusting relationship with a dentist near Tarzana can make a major difference in how you approach a beautiful smile and white, clean teeth. 

It's time to get to know your dentist better; you have chosen this expert for a reason. Make your dental visits count, and become a boss of the floss. 

  • Prepping For Your Dental Exam: It's normal to feel nervous for any kind of medical exam and not just with your primary care doctor. Some people, both young and old, fear the dentist and put off their routine appointments. It's best to be prepared and know what to expect from your visit to a dentist near me. Bring a list of current medications you take and health issues you might have, and show them to your dentist. Ask him or her how your medical background might or might not be affected by any dental procedures performed by a dentist in Woodland Hills
  • If you have dental anxiety, confide in a dentist near me, so they can be aware, have compassion for your fear and make you more comfortable.
  • Going With A Mission In Mind A checkup by your dentist near Tarzana will reveal the general health of your teeth, mouth and gums. Don't be afraid to ask your dentist what he or she finds. 
    For example, are my gums in good shape? If not, how can I improve them at home? 
    Do my teeth show a lot of plaque, and how can I avoid developing that issue? 
    What do the X-rays indicate; do I need a root canal? 
    Could you show me exactly how a dentist near me properly flosses their teeth? 
  • Discussing Cosmetic Options 
    Let's face it; modern dentistry has come a long way, and today, there are some wonderful choices for creating a brighter, whiter smile. A dentist in Woodland Hills is highly skilled in cosmetic services. 
    Whether it's a question about porcelain veneers, colorless fillings, bonding, teeth bleaching, a dentist near me can offer those beautiful dental improvements. 
    Ask your dentist if you're a candidate for a brighter smile or those Hollywood veneers. 
    Smile makeovers are trendy, a wise investment and appropriate for most patients. 
  • "Four Out Of Five Dentists......" 
    Dentists are always being asked for their advice and end up on most surveys that say, "four out of five dentists recommend....." 
    So ask your dentist near Tarzana or the dentist in Woodland Hills for their favorites. 
    What toothpaste do you recommend? 
    Do I really have to floss, and what brand do you like? 
    Can I chew sugarless gum? If so, what brand do you recommend? 
    Dentists always have a ready opinion and often share their own dental habits with their patients if asked. 
  • Keeping Up With Every Appointment 
    When you think about it, visiting a dentist in Woodland Hills twice a year is basically all you need for kickstarting good oral care. Six-month check-ups have been designed that way to keep your dentist near Tarzana abreast of any developments that occur in the mouth for the year. 
    That doesn't mean that a cavity couldn't form between visits or an emergency situation like a broken tooth could never happen. 
    These are normal teeth issues that can arise, and your dentist and his or her staff are there to accommodate you. 
    Don't be afraid to ask to see a dentist near me for any reason. A reputable office will be happy to squeeze you in and determine what problem your tooth has developed. 
    Don't put off dental issues that need a professional's diagnosis. 
  • Approaching Budget-Friendly Alternatives 
    It's okay to keep a watch on your finances and stay within a budget, and dental care like any medical visits can add up. 
    If your dentist near Tarzana suggests a certain service or brand, it's alright to ask if there's an alternative for a lesser cost. 
    Your dentist in Woodland Hills will meet you half-way; their mission is for every patient to maintain healthy oral care.