Teeth whitenning tips

If you are searching for an Reseda dentist for an in-office bleaching treatment, or prefer to whiten your teeth yourself, the effort spent maintaining your white smile doesn't have to be a difficult one. And, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your effort (and money) lead to discoloration. Tarzana dentist, Afsoon Gerayli, can help you learn how to keep your pearly whites so bright, they'll make polar bears jealous!

Embarrassment is usually the primary reason people avoid talking about teeth implants, but with information and an open mind, you can find comfort from your concerns. When choosing a Reseda dentist who performs dental implants, it is important to note that your dentist will appreciate total honesty, as it will help to provide the best care you need. If you are thinking about getting dental implants, Tarzana dentist, Afsoon Gerayli, provides the best care and procedures for implant needs.

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Dental injury and traumas get no worse than breaking a tooth. If you break a front tooth it interferes with how you eat and talk -- which can sometimes carry some shame or embarrassment. From the moment it happens, whether injured or rotten, you will want it fixed urgently, and with as little to no pain and longterm difficulties. When searching for a trusted Reseda dentist, it is important to arm yourself with as much research as you need. It will not only help you feel confident and prepared, but your dentist will know exactly what to fix.

Accessing Tooth Damage

Tarzana dentist, Afsoon Gerayli, is ensures to make an accurate assessment of your tooth damage, and takes great care to also share as much information with patients. A majority of the causes for front tooth loss are dental injuries, which often happen as a matter of trauma or accident.

smoking is bad for teeth

It is estimated that around 15 out of 100 Americans over the age of 18 smoke cigarettes. That is a lot of people, even though there is plenty of information out there telling them that this habit is dangerous; in fact, it can lead to lung cancer. There is an additional danger that some do not address. Your Tarzana dentist and Reseda dentist will discuss this, and it deals with the harm it can do to your smile.

Stained Teeth

One reason you want to reconsider your habit is because smoking can stain and discolor your teeth. What you should remember is that the health of your teeth actually says a lot about you. People may not even notice that they judge someone by the state of their teeth, but they do. Things like your health and overall hygiene are judged by your teeth, and discolored teeth do not say good things about you.

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It would be nice if people did not judge one another based on appearance, but it is based on natural instincts. People use appearance to deduce if a person is dangerous or if a person could be a potential mate. Yes, a survey shows that the quality of a person's smile can make someone seem successful, smart, and attractive. Do not fret about this; your Tarzana cosmetic dentist knows what to do to make sure your smile is up to standards.

The Implant Solution

Dental implants are like little screws that are made from biocompatible material. Most people cannot tell that you are wearing an implant because your Reseda dentist will make sure it blends in with the rest of your teeth.