Dental Emergencies in Los Angeles

Getting dental checkups every six months can be a sure way to maintain good dental health, but emergencies have never been known to send a memo. If I had a child active in sports or one that is too energetic to tame, getting the contacts to the emergency children's dentist near me would be a wise option. No matter how healthy your teeth might be, the conditions in our mouths change without warning. In case of such an occurrence, having an emergency dentist near me sounds like a plan. 

The big question to ask is, are you ready for a dental emergency? Lucky for you, we have provided a guide for using in case of a dental emergency. 

How can you tell that you have a dental emergency? 

You need your tooth re-cemented for that date, or you need that chipped tooth smoothened to boost your self-esteem? Well technically, that is not a dental emergency. While many cases can give us the anxiety to contact our dentists immediately, not all dental problems are considered to be emergencies. Either dental emergencies can be visible, or they can manifest themselves through the pain. This is how you can identify whether your case is an emergency or not: 

  • Experiencing loose teeth
  • Getting constant severe pain 
  • Getting hit in the mouth or the face 
  • Having changes in your gums such as swelling, bulges, and knots 
  • Bleeding from the mouth 
  • Swelling either in the face or the mouth 

What should you do in case of a dental emergency in Los Angeles? 

When someone punches you hard enough to cause tooth bleeding, call your dentist; you can request for an emergency visit, for example, to the emergency dentist Sherman oaks or the emergency dentist woodland hills, to get it fixed. Before getting to the dentist, there is a list of things you can do to manage the situation: 

  • Rinse the mouth especially the knocked out tooth or fallen crown using warm water to clean the area 
  • Use a cold compress to reduce swelling if it occurs 
  • You can use a sterile gauze for a broken tooth
  • If a tooth is knocked out and you can't place it back, soak it in milk 
  • If you are not near your dentist, you can take advantage of walk-in dental appointments. 

Things not to do in case of a dental emergency 

While consulting with your dentist, on immediate home care is advised; certain things should never be done in the wake of a panic. For starters, you can never try to use glue to piece back a fallen or a broken tooth. Avoid taking aspirin and ibuprofen as painkillers since they can increase bleeding. Never use tools that are sharp or powerful in an attempt to smoothen sharp tooth edges since it can worsen a broken tooth situation. The final thing to do is never to wait too long to have the problem repaired since it lessens the chances of saving your tooth. 

Should I prepare for a dental emergency? 

While refraining from chewing on that tasty roasted meat bone is a start to avoiding a visit to the valley emergency dentist, preparing for a dental emergency should be significantly considered. I have come to realize that having contacts of the emergency children's dentist near me has proven to be a lifesaver. Like many emergency first aid kits, keeping one for dental emergencies is highly recommended. Contents for the kit should include painkillers like acetaminophen, cotton wool pads to stem bleeding, a gauze, a small container with a lid, a handkerchief, and an antiseptic mouthwash. Additionally, the name and the phone number of your dentist should always be at hand. If that fails, use NHS Direct to reach your nearest emergency dentist

See your Top Rated Los Angeles Dentist

Getting a dentist that is dependable at odd hours is not an easy task to accomplish. It doesn't help that seeing a dentist within the first 30 minutes of an injury could save or make you lose your tooth. For that quick, healthy smile, visit the emergency dentist Sherman Oaks, the emergency dentist woodland hills, the valley emergency dentist or you can be like me, a person who visits any emergency dentist near me to get my dental emergencies treated fast.